Gergana Rohner is a Bulgarian artist based in Zurich, Switzerland. She graduated from the National Academy of Art and Design in Sofia in 2002. Since then, her practice has mainly focused on printmaking and drawing, with Pop Art flourishes.

Rohner’s artistic character is one of endless creation. She loves experimenting with new methods, materials and subjects, which she translates into vibrant Pop-inspired images. She also incorporates an astonishing array of techniques into her art. These range from the application of traditional gold leaf to - more recently - digital touches. Regarding the latter, Rohner has widely experimented with digital processes and has developed her own techniques for combining pixels with painterly images. Her richly-coloured artworks thus become a unique and highly intricate interplay of digital art, painting and printmaking. This can be best seen in the most extensive of her collections, her Pop-Art illustrations of iconic Swiss vistas.

Rohner also translates her skills for the world of design. Over the past 15 years she has worked with a wide variety of clients spanning many different industries. These include advertising (Hotel Schweizerhof), fabric design (Francesco Rossi), book design and illustration (Welcome Home, Zürich), plus graphic creations for international brands (Victorinox, Hublot, Degussa, Carl Bucherer, Pepe Jeans, La Prairie, Chanel, Beyer, Swatch, Coca Cola and many more). 

Rohner’s original artworks and some prints are available in selected galleries in Zurich, including Gallery Helvetia, Gallery Art 333 and Gallery Dür.

To commission new work, please get in touch! I look forward to working with you. • +41 79 800 45 80

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